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Charles Leisher 

    A San Diego native, Charles is a licensed Health & Life Insurance Agent in California and certified Covered California agent. He brings both professionalism & quality care to his clients to meet all their insurance needs. With a range of experience and knowledge in the Life & Health landscape, Charles guides his clients through a comprehensive strategy to fulfill their needs and maximize their budget.

Whether you are planning your retirement, welcoming an addition to your family, or wanting to establish a foundation to grow your investment portfolio--Charles will get you there, with your peace of mind and financial well-being always at the heart of his goal. 


"It's my job to really understand the unique needs of my clients and their put myself in their shoes and offer them the same quality insurance I would want for myself and my family. And to make sure that I articulate it in a relatable way so my client understands what they have, why they have it, and why it's the best option for their needs and budget." 

Behind every good agent is a great mentor and Charles is fortunate to still have the counsel and guidance of his father Steve Leisher Sr., a pioneer and prominent broker in Life Settlements. Today, Charles has his sights set on "making life insurance '80's cool' again. I want people (millennials included) to see the value, understand the benefits and ultimately reap the tax-free rewards of life insurance." 

With gratitude  🙏


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