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Navigating the landscape and important nuances to all the various health


insurance plans can confuse even the insurance savvy individual. Charles' free expertise and guidance


takes away the guesswork and distress from potentially paying more money for lower quality coverage.

*Two-thirds of people who file for bankruptcy cite medical issues as a key contributor to their financial downfall.


​*What most people do not realize, according to one researcher, is that their health insurance may not be enough to protect them.

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Charles is a licensed Covered California health insurance agent ensuring his individual, family and small business clients are provided the highest quality plan for the most affordable price.

Per Cov Cal, Charles works with all the Major Carriers that are available within your residential county.  

"It usually comes down to subtle differences that most people wouldn't be aware of that actually can make a huge difference in the quality and cost of your health insurance. What I do is ensure that you receive the maximum 'premium tax subsidies' you qualify for; and subsequently build you a comprehensive health insurance plan that compliments your unique needs and budget. Much of the time my clients actually find themselves paying far less for a much higher quality plan than they might have otherwise."

Licensed Insurance Agent #0N03531


"I really appreciate Charles' laid back approach and demeanor... he wasn't trying to 'sell' me anything.


From the start we had a good report and felt like I was in good hands. He really just simplified everything,


made it easy to understand the coverage I have and why it makes sense. Jon - 

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