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Connect with Cov Cal through Social Media 6/16/22

These days, there are so many ways to stay connected. Which is why we would like to invite you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube! This way, you’ll have access to helpful information about your health insurance and find tips for a healthy lifestyle.

If you haven’t checked out our social channels before, below are some examples of what you can expect if you follow us!

Important Details and New Information:

Never miss important details, like renewal and enrollment deadlines. It is important to make sure to update your account! Changes in household size, income and where you live can all have an impact on the cost of your coverage. Watch this video to learn more about why it is important to keep your account up to date. Follow us on Facebook here »

Living Well Tips:

All health plans through Covered California offer essential health benefits and free preventive care, like annual checkups and health screenings such as blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes screenings. See all that is included in your health plan and make your appointment today! Follow us on Instagram here »

Stories and Experiences:

We love hearing from our members of how health insurance has positively impacted their lives. Watch the video to hear from Covered California member, Bernie. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here »

Follow Covered California today!

(If you already follow us, wonderful!)

Thank you for being a Covered California member!

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